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كتاب سلسلة الحديث النبوي التواضع والأخوة

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  •  التّواضع والأخوّةis a book from the series الحديث النبوي which includes the explanation of thirty Hadiths said by the Messenger of Allah PBUH that encourage on the merit of humility because people averse from those who talk much about themselves, and in case they shall talk to people, they should talk thanking Allah, not by thanking themselves. The Hadiths also urge the brotherhood of Muslims and the prohibition of abandoning themselves. Some of the book's titles are (التواضع من سمات المؤمنين, المتكبر لايحبه الله عز وجل, حقوق المسلم على المسلم …):.

     التّواضع والأخوّةcomes within the series of the religious books offered by Dar Al Manhal entitled    الحديث النبوي .Most of the Hadiths in the series of الحديث النبوي were from Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim as they are the nations' unanimous agreement, advance and succeed, that they are the most two true books after the Holey Quran, and they were adopted in the commentary on Hadiths, and on famous explanations in the two true books, and other explanations in the Prophetic Hadiths.

    The books of  الحديث النبوي series include nine hundred noble Hadiths in the doctrine, worships, morals, ethics and other inclusive topics, like the superiority of the scholars, heaven and hell, dress and adornment, the status of women in Islam, and more. Then topics are concluded with the merits of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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  • Islamic
  • Dr.Mohammad Abd AlRahmanTawalbeh
  • 2016
  • Arabic
  • 12-15 Year