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قصة شقيق الحرمين

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  • Internet. Ahmad designed a website for the city of Jerusalem from which he gets acquainted with many friends, including Abdul-Rahman, who lives in Al Medinah Al Munawarah. One day, Abdul Rahman told his friend Ahmad that he visited the Holy Mosque and that he visits the Prophet's Mosque every day. Abdul Rahman asked Ahmad to pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque and make and invocation to Allah for him there because the occupation prevents Muslims outside Palestine to reach it. This story pictures the longing of the Muslims everywhere to the Third of the Two Holy Mosques, and encourages kids to provide whatever they can in support of its victory, as Ahmad has done despite the ban imposed by Jews regarding entering the Mosque by the non-elderly. In this story, we will see how Ahmad has kept his promise to his friend and has not given up.

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  • Adventure Stories
  • Story
  • Mohammed AlBalawi
  • 2004
  • Arabic
  • 9-11 Year