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قصة شجرة عائلتك

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  • The family tree is a drawing that shows your ancestors who are your family members who were born before you come to this life, and they are part of your personal history.

    In the story شجرة عائلتك, Zaid presents his family tree and tells us about the characteristics of each individual in an interesting way with beautiful expressive graphics. The last pages offer a number of practical games and activities, and some important guidelines for educators.

    The story شجرة عائلتك comes within short story series with an amazing educational characteristic, offered by Dar Al Manhal and entitled, ماذا تعرف عن؟ which includes six kids' stories.

    Soft Cover
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    24 cm
    24 cm
    190 Gm
$ 6.6
  • Education Stories
  • Story
  • Nuria Roca
  • 2009
  • Arabic
  • 9-11 Year