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قصة المواد الطبيعية والمصنعة

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  • In the story of المواد الطبيعية والمصنعة, we learn that sweets are made out of sugar that we get from plants. Wool clothes are made out wool that we get from sheep. There are many materials that we obtain from nature, like rocks, minerals, and then we manufacture them to furniture, paper, glass and cement. The last pages of المواد الطبيعية والمصنعة  story, offer a number of practical activities, like how to make a strawberry jam, a doll out of wool, as well as some games and important guidelines for educators.

    The story, المواد الطبيعية والمصنعة is one of Dar Al Manhal's  stories offered within an amazing children educational series entitled, ماذا تعرف عن؟ which includes six short stories for children.

    Soft Cover
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  • Education Stories
  • Story
  • Nuria Roca
  • 2009
  • Arabic
  • 9-11 Year