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قصة الحركة من حولنا

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  • In the story الحركة من حولنا we notice that before children learn how to walk on legs, they start to crawl on the floor on their four limbs. Many animals walk on four limbs while insects walk on six and spiders on eight. Some fly, like birds, Beatles and butterflies.

    The book presents the information in an interesting manner with distinctive graphics of the surroundings. It also includes some interesting kinetics games and important guidelines for educators.

    The story الحركة من حولنا comes within short story series for children with an amazing educational characteristic, offered by Dar Al Manhal entitled, ماذا تعرف عن؟ which includes six children stories.

    Soft Cover
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    24 cm
    24 cm
    190 Gm
$ 6.6
  • Education Stories
  • Story
  • Nuria Roca
  • 2009
  • Arabic
  • 9-11 Year