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قصة الفأرة البيضاء تلاحق الشمس

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  • The story (الفأرة البيضاء تلاحق الشمس) tells the story of a gray mouse who is used to roam the houses and enter their kitchens in search for food, and he had a dirty hole that is full of rotten food. One day, he hears a voice speaking to him from one of the kitchens, so he raises his head to see what it is. What is that voice?

    The story (الفأرة البيضاء تلاحق الشمس) is one of kids' stories with pictures offered by Dar Al Manhal within an interesting education story series entitled (قصص من وحي الخيال). It nourishes their hearts and teaches them beautiful meanings in life, like love, honesty and faithfulness. (قصص من وحي الخيال) is not only a beautiful and interesting short story for kids, but it is also written in a manner that attracts the children, raises their curiosity and captures their imagination.

    Hard Cover
    Product Dimensions and Weight
    25 cm
    26 cm
    370 Gm
$ 10
  • Social Stories
  • Story
  • chang Jiang chilrens
  • 2016
  • Arabic
  • 6-8 Year