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قصة التمساح الصغير

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  • Souha the little alligator has been swimming in the river quietly looking for food, and then he peaked through his little eyes above the surface of the water, watching the place right and left so quietly until he has seen ... To know more, read the story التمساح الصغير.

     التمساح الصغير is a short story for children from the series, نادي القراءة العلوم المستوى الثاني, offered by Dar Al Manhal. The series, نادي القراءة العلوم المستوى الثاني includes eight stories. Each story tells the tale of one of the animals' youngsters through a simple story and amazing graphics. And it makes the children discove the surrounding environment, and at the end of each story they get to know the animal through real images with a brief about its home, food and so on.

    Soft Cover
    Product Dimensions and Weight
    21 cm
    21 cm
    90 Gm
$ 3.85
  • Science Stories
  • Story
  • Dr. Rana AlFityani
  • 2006
  • Arabic
  • 6-8 Year