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قصة دقائق لا بل ثواني

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  • The story (دقائق بلا ثواني), is a purposeful short story and it is part of a group of the most beautiful individual picture books for children presented by Dar Al Manhal. The story teaches children about the importance of time, and how to manage it;it helps them to organize it by saving and using it in the right way.

    The story (دقائق بلا ثواني), is a very amazing and interesting educational story that tells the story of  Ziad who forgets all the time and never cares for the passing of time while his mother keeps reminding him of everything. How she will save Ziad of this habit?

    Soft Cover
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    20 cm
    20 cm
    90 Gm
$ 3.5
  • Social Stories
  • Story
  • Retta Zeyadeh
  • 2015
  • Arabic
  • 9-11 Year