There is no doubt that modern technology plays an important role in our daily lives, especially, regarding developing the skills and abilities of our children. But, how can children achieve the greatest benefit from this technological development in an easy and fun way? And how it helps them to develop their skills and acquire new skills?

Dar Al-Manhal aspires to be a reference to children's learning for all age groups over the internet and through providing children with the most distinctive and the most attractive e-learning techniques, which are kids applications of interactive stories and exciting educational games.

Dar Al-Manhal produces, through passion and creativity, the best kids’ applications to serve the educational process and the development of children's skills, and adds the fun element in teaching children through interactive education, including games, and amazing interactive stories supported with graphics, sound effects, and the possibility of changing the colours, music, animations and other forms of entertainment.

These applications from Dar Al-Manhal are characterized by having multi-platforms; which are supported by all operating systems (IOS, Android and the internet).

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