Dar Al-Manhal believes in the importance of providing professional electronic services (eservices) to assist in time use, and provide an amazing reading books experience through the Internet, through rich e-library that offers online books to read for kids, opens the window of e-learning for all students, and provides the best tools that increase the effectiveness of reading, studying and learning.

Dar Al-Manhal website provides all curricula and children's books online, whether they are Arabic books or English books in professional e-books (eform), which supports distance learning making it available to students from all school levels. The user can browse any of the e-books immediately online on a mobile phone or tablet or any electronic device at ease. Besides, Dar Al-Manhal website enables users to buy books online, all from Dar Al-Manhal editions.

We also provide an easy way to create e-books in a professional manner without having any per-knowledge of programming; through effective tools and options offered by the rapid e-books editor available on the Internet.

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