Professional book publishing and services

We offer a comprehensive range of best books and E-learning technologies; so we can be an effective element in your child learning success.

We at Dar Al-Manhal make your child a reader in childhood, through producing cultural programs, educational contents, and high level projects that are enriching his knowledge, and expanding his horizon. Dar Al-Manhal aims to help you develop your child by offering the widest collection of kindergarten and school books, which are created by experts to help learners achieve specific academic or occupational goals. All you need is to browse our library of books to find an engaging book for your child.


Are you looking for a great reading experience? Do want to build your online library? Simply, you are in the right place! We are going strong in our mission to provide a valuable service to help you make the best use of studying time, therefore; Dar Al-Manhal becomes a central place to discover E-books. It provides one of the best reading tools, so reading books or studying will be more efficient. You can browse any of our editions right on your smart phone or tablet, so your favorite books can be read on computers or other electronic devices. With us reading is a pleasure, and learning becomes easier! In addition to, we provide a simple way to create electronic books, using our quick and easy online book creator. No programming knowledge is required; we offer powerful tools that could help you make your own electronic book without the need to write a single code, you will already know how to create a book.


Our new interactive books is a fantastic way for your little ones to interact with the exciting world they live in. Dar Al-Manhal wants to help make studying fun and more efficient with interactive books covering all sorts of subjects. Our goal is to create premium interactive digital books by paying close attention to the reading experience, and using innovative interactivity that captivates and delights our readers. Your child will absolutely love touching objects to see what happens next, besides; sound effects, changing colors, activates, music and animations and all sorts of fun surprises await your reader on each page.

Interactive Books

Reading is a world of pleasure and knowledge enrichment, therefore; we offer a comprehensive and successful range of stories that are specialized in children’s literature in different languages (Arabic, English and even French). Our stories develop the child's love for daily reading habit and direct him to acquire the correct habits and values. We also provide stories packages which contain various picked short stories from our great editions. These packages are divided into levels according to the age group. Whether you’re looking for a story to share with your youngest child or something to keep your ten years old motivated, we’re here to help.


What can be better than putting the technology in good use to develop the reading habit among children? E-stories are the best entertainment options available for children to develop their reading habit! Dar Al-Manhal provides a good collection of electronic stories for the young minds using the great combination of graphics, narration, sound effects and background music, children are attracted to. When a story is being read or narrated by a person, there is always the risk of the child losing interest at some point. With our great electronic stories it is a totally different scenario. Children get glued to it and will surely watch it to the end.

Electronic Stories

For children, stories are the window to the outside world. Stories continue to tell generations that the world outside is filled with great adventures. Do you act out the stories to your child? With our interactive stories you haven’t been able to yet! Your children will be able to browse stories interactively. It’s perfect for writers who want to try out interactivity, but also for teachers and students looking to mix computer skills and creative writing. For more efficiency and ease of use, all of our products are available for all operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows), whether you are using (iPad, iPhone, Windows phones or other smart devices).

Interactive Stories

What sounds more fun: homework or games? Want educational games that help build skills and educate students? You are in the right place at the right time! Our passion is helping teachers and students to find fun and meaningful ways to integrate technology with learning. We are working hardly to provide the suitable environment for that! Educational games are great tools for building foundation to learn and develop skills that today’s school curriculum require. We offer amazing online learning games for children that are fun and teach important skills for preschool, elementary school and even secondary school. Try our educational games and combine lesson time with playtime. These colorful, animated games make it easy and fun to practice fundamental math, reading skills, language, science, and more at home or on the go. Choose from our educational games that use colorful animations and music to bring important lessons to life and aid memory. No matter where you are or what device you are on; just enjoy our online games which are available for Android devices, iPhone, mobile, tablets, iPad and PC. We believe that games have the potential to help children learn in a way that's not possible with other, therefore; we offer a brilliant virtual world for students, to study without getting bored and allow them to learn wherever and whenever they want. We want you to love learning - no more boring study sessions, you should play games instead!

Games and Exercises

We at Dar Al-Manhal are constantly expanding our products range to reflect the needs of today's education process. We help you discover and develop your children's abilities in modern and innovative ways, by offering a wide range of great educational tools to improve children's mental and linguistic skills. Our educational tools are represented as eye catching flash cards, powerful audio versions, and rich educational posters. Teaching and learning have never been more efficient or easier than with our educational flash cards. Dar Al-Manhal is dedicated to bring the best selection of unique educational flash cards in both Arabic and English. Audio versions issued by Dar Al-Manhal are considered as a special achievement which helps to teach children listening skills that come before reading and writing in learning skills. It also includes beautiful stories, wonderful melodic songs, performed by group of children with beautiful voices, which give them an educational dimension, and contribute to improve reading and pronunciation. In addition to, we provide amazing educational classroom posters to create a unique teaching environment filled with visual cues for the students. A series of curriculum multimedia CDs in Arabic and English are also available. The series is professionally designed to easily use by children. Our content is developed with the aid of experts who understand the realities of classroom teaching, so we can create visually stimulating products that add real value to the classroom.

Educational Tools

There is no doubt that modern technology plays an important role in our daily lives, especially, regarding developing the skills and abilities of our children. But, how can children achieve the greatest benefit from this technological development in an easy and fun way? And how it helps them to develop their skills and acquire new skills?

Dar Al-Manhal aspires to be a reference to children's learning for all age groups over the internet and through providing children with the most distinctive and the most attractive e-learning techniques, which are kids applications of interactive stories and exciting educational games.

Dar Al-Manhal produces, through passion and creativity, the best kids’ applications to serve the educational process and the development of children's skills, and adds the fun element in teaching children through interactive education, including games, and amazing interactive stories supported with graphics, sound effects, and the possibility of changing the colours, music, animations and other forms of entertainment.

These applications from Dar Al-Manhal are characterized by having multi-platforms; which are supported by all operating systems (IOS, Android and the internet).


Dar Al-Manhal seeks to be pioneer in all what is concerning with children, and giving them the best. Being the exclusive agent for Edu Fun - an international brand specialized in preschools supplies and furniture - is our way to reach our goal. The environment children play and learn in, have a great effect on them. Therefore we believe in the importance of providing practical, suitable and comfortable designs to fulfill the demands of this critical stage. We provide a complete solution for preschool education and homes, so you can find a full range of furniture which suits the requirements of children in their early years. Modular designs, elegance, and accurate manufacturing all come together to set up unique configurations to suit children needs. The colorful, attractive and durable designs encourage good posture and ensure years of safe and enjoyable use, this means that everything will last for years and years and can be even passed on from one generation to the next. All this we offer at affordable and compatible prices. Edu Fun provides us with full range of products starting with chairs, tables, storage units and reading corners passing through play corners and role play furniture ending with play screens, boards and carpets. If you have any questions about any item, there will always be someone ready and willing to get you the assistance you need. Your complete satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Children’s Furniture

The variety of teaching means and methods chosen by the teacher is necessary for effective learning process, in which students will reach their best levels within a group of learners

Therefore; Dar Al-Manhal offers a huge group of wonderful educational worksheets for students, which is one of the most successful methods of teaching, because of their impact in treating learning disabilities among students, and for achieving educational skills, enhancing and strengthening the learning and development of talented and gifted students' abilities.

Our educational worksheets are prepared in a systematic and orderly manner; as for each worksheet, there is a name, title and it ranges in levels to serve students in all cultural levels and age groups. The worksheets include mathematics, science, the Arabic language, English language and other school materials. Worksheets also include entertaining coloring pages


Dar Al-Manhal allows students and teachers to the possibility of experiencing interactive learning through the varied and entertaining interactive worksheets which are available on Dar Al-Manhal platform.

The interactive worksheets cover all subjects, and kids' school stages, and enrich the learning process, using innovative interaction. The worksheets also include entertaining coloring pages, with printing feature.

Interactive Worksheets

We are in Dar Al-Manhal care about the integration of the educational process by providing all possible media to enrich it, including the audios associated with our products; songs, CDs accompanying the educational books, and other audio versions.


In the framework of its endeavour to supply teaching kids with the latest products that aid them in their educational journey, Dar Al-Manhal provides one of the effective multimedia means that is educational videos.

The educational videos for kids provided by Dar Al-Manhal characterized by being a simple and easy learning means to use, which range in difficulty depending on the kid’s age, and present useful supporting educational materials that support school curricula.


The teacher's guides provide new ways and ideas to help the teachers in their innovative work and facilitate the process of teaching the curriculum to present the curriculum in the best possible way.

Therefore; Dar Al-Manhal took notice that each curriculum should be accompanied with a Teacher's Guide to help him/her improve their professional performance being the most effective and influential element in the educational process and it is the responsibility of the new generation.

Teacher's Guides

Dar Al-Manhal has always sought to provide the utmost help and support to parents and children through various, and constructive teaching aids, including supporting exercises in the curricula.

Dar Al-Manhal provides its users with a set of exercises that support and enrich the learning process and allow children to exercise their preferred hobby which is using electronic devices.


Dar Al-Manhal is concerned with the young kids' education and it discovers their artistic energy, and enhances their abilities through colouring worksheets.

Our Printable Colouring worksheets include entertaining images and graphics in different subjects that enable the kids drawing and colouring in a very easy way.

Coloring Worksheet