Interactive Stories

Children's stories are their window for the outside world that is so full of exciting adventures. With the interactive stories that are offered by Dar Al-Manhal, your child will not be need to read kids’ story books in the traditional way anymore, as he can share us the fun of browsing, and interacting with them at any time.

Dar Al-Manhal offers a large collection of short stories for kids in an amazing electronic and interactive way which adding the fun factor, with games, exercises, texts, images, sound effects, colours, music, animations and other forms of entertainment.

Also, interactive stories for kids from Dar Al-Manhal, opens e-learning portal for them, including providing fun and useful options of interactive learning.

For more effectiveness and ease of use, Dar Al-Manhal provides multi-platform interactive stories; which are supported by all operating systems (IOS, Android and Windows).

Browse interactive stories offered from Dar Al-Manhal.

Dar Al Manhal Interactive Stories Information