Dar Al-Manhal makes your kid a little reader through its cultural programmes, educational content, children's books (curricula), preschool books and high-level projects that enrich his/her knowledge and expand his/her horizons.

It also seeks to help developing kids through a wide range of Arabic books, English books, and curricula: Math Thinking, نادي الحاسوب, سلسلة العلوم الإسلامية, نادي العربية, ..., as well as kindergarten books: نادي الرياضيات, هيا إلى العربية, براعم الإسلام, واحة العلوم, English Club, ..., which are written by our experts to achieve the academic and professional goals.

All you need to do is browse Dar Al-Manhal books to find the right books for kids.

Dar Al Manhal Books Information