Educational Tools

In Dar Al-Manhal, we expand our circle constantly to reflect the needs of education in the present time, and we help to discover and develop the capabilities of modern children in creative ways through a wide range of educational tools that contribute to develop their mental and linguistic skills.

Our educational tools include fast display cards (flashcards), audio publications, and enriching educational posters (posters), and amazing stickers. The audio publications are considered an important achievement aims to teach children listening skills that precedes teaching reading and teaching writing, and developing their speech. They include beautiful children stories and distinctive songs performed by the amazing childish voices within educational framework. We also provide wonderful educational posters (posters) to create a distinctive learning environment supported by means of visual illustration for children, along with a variety of stickers containing pictures of beautiful words to boost the children's performance. It presents educational topics, like numbers, Arabic language, English language, letters and words, along with CDs in Arabic and English languages which have been designed to be easily used by children.

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