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Casablanca International Book Fair

Casablanca International Book Fair is one of the momentous cultural forums in its various literary and intellectual orientations thanks to the participating authers, cartoonists, artists, publishers not to mention the wide audience.

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Muscat International Book Fair

Muscat International Book Fair is a prominent cultural and intellectual platform exibiting the latest and most valuable publications in a book-loving environment.

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CNR International Istanbul Book Fair

CNR Book Fair is a 10-day event being held from 9th to 18 March 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. It includes books, periodicals, journals, educational institutions, coaching classes, teaching aids, educational materials, and other services.

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Riyadh International Book Fair

Riyadh International Book Fair is one of the biggest cultural festivals. It's visited by over a million visitors each year who are interested in buying books and attending seminars involving many intellectuals.

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Bahrain International Book Fair

The 18th Bahrain International Book Fair is a biennial event that showcases publishers and booksellers in all subject areas under one roof.

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Sharjah Children's Reading Festival

A cultural celebration attracting not only children, but extending the joy of learning to parents in a family- friendly atmosphere. It encourages learning and self-education from a young age, helping raise a generation of leaders, scholars and professionals who will contribute to the development of the society.

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Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair is a major business initiative that aims to develop the book publishing industry and encourage reading. The book fair focuses on developing long term communication opportunity among Arab and international publishers.

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Amman International Book Fair

Amman International Book Fair is held in its 17th edition with the participation of a wide range of Arab and international writers, intellectuals and publishing houses. The book fair has a guest of honor, it will be Egypt.

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Sharjah International Book Fair

Sharjah International Book Fair is a milestone in the history of Arabic culture. It brings under its umbrella millions of book titles and tens of thousands of visitors and publishers.

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