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Games and Exercises

Which is more fun: homework or educational games? Do you want to access educational games for kids that enable you to build their skills and teach them at the same time? Then, you are in the right place.

We are in Dar Al-Manhal believe that e-learning through educational games is an effective way to teach children and students, and develop the required skills in the curriculum; therefore, we provide enjoyable and meaningful online games for children in pre-kindergarten, elementary, as well as secondary stages. Through animations and colourful music that add vital element to the learning games and through different platforms, (iPhone, tablet, iPad, and PC… etc, you can learn at home and in any other place mathematic basics, reading, languages, science and so on.

We provide the students a virtual world, which enables them experience with us the fun of interactive learning at any time, in any place, instead of the boring traditional lessons!!

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