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We offer a comprehensive range of best books and E-learning technologies; so we can be an effective element in your child learning success.

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With us … achieve your goal quickly and flexibly

Dar Al-Manhal mission is to continuously innovate in publishing, leading the dynamic publishing market, to let children find electronic books and interactive books easily, and helping them to enjoy electronic stories and interactive stories.

Cross Platform

For many years, all you needed was a desktop, but as technology evolved; smart phones began to make an appearance, along with tablets. Customers increasingly are viewing websites and products from a number of mobile devices (iOS, Android) and on various browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox); it's an important goal to achieve. This goal is possible through "responsive web design," meaning web design for multiple devices. which enables customers to find us no matter where they are or what device they are on. With our responsive designs for website, editors, apps, E-books… etc, you are going to view any of our products at any screen size and look absolutely great on any device, whether it's an Android device, an iPad or a desktop computer. Our products are really professional and of high standard made to run on various platforms and operating systems. Our highly qualified team use minimum number of programming codes necessary to run the work and reach to the perfection. We have taken up the challenge of responsive design and have built our software to meet that demand.

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Reading Online

One of the most important ways we can help children succeed in life is instilling in them the love of reading. With more and more content going digital, you don’t have to go to bookstore to preview the book before buying it to your child; with us any book will be available for you for online reading. If you ever wanted a reliable source for useful and valuable online content, look no further, our extensive library has everything you need! Dar Al-Manhal Publishers offers an online library with huge number of digitized books, which make our website a very good place for finding good books specializes in children’s literature. We put over thousands books and stories at your fingertips and let your children find a world of online reading and storytelling right from smart phone or tablet. Our website is categorized very well and can browse through very easily to find your child favorite story or book -including new releases-. Reading is a passion! Our website is the right place for every reader.

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In an online store it is very difficult to get the same quality of service that in a physical retailer, but we at Dar Al-Manhal Publishers have managed to bring you the shopping experience to the highest level. Dar Al-Manhal provides the largest online books store, offering thousands of titles in different languages (Arabic, English and even French), and selling a huge variety of products online! Our offered products are ranging from books, stories, E-books, E-stories, interactive books, interactive stories, apps, educational games, educational tools, children’s furniture and much more. Our strategic thinking is not limited to be just another sales channel. It goes beyond, always thinking about how to sell more and better. The transformation of our E-shopping experience is not just about bringing the convenience and speed of the online shopping into the store. The real goal is to find ways to help consumers reduce the scope of their search on other bookstores and simplify their shopping on us. Because your trust and satisfaction is our first priority, we ensure that all transactions are conducted on Dar Al-Manhal platform. Whether a buyer uses a credit card, PayPal or other form of payments, we handle everything, and ensure the security of your personal details. Besides, we offer very save and fast shipping to your products. We look forward to a future filled with many new opportunities, new innovations, and, of course, new books!

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Short stories are adventurous and interesting ways to teach your children about good morals and right conduct. As children, they are at their formative years; that’s why they need to be educated with good values to make them good fit for society and family.

Therefore we let your children go through a host of fascinating stories and fill their bookshelf with endless possibilities of interesting stories.

With Us, Children Read Stories They'll Always Remember!

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Do you have a personal interest in children’s literature? Are you an author who is looking for a website to quickly and effortlessly launch your book? With Dar Al-Manhal, you've got the solution!

Dar Al-Manhal provides distinctive solutions which are powerful, helpful and useful for all, such as authors, publishers, schools, and even families.

Dar Al-Manhal where are more opportunities and a wider array of options than ever before!

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We believe that apps should not only be eye catching but actually provide a great experience that users will remember. Therefore we provide a world of education, creativity and fun with our great cross platform apps. So what you are waiting for?

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Whether you're a teacher who wants to enrich the educational process or a writer who is looking for an efficient solution to create and publish his works, we've got you covered. Dar Al-Manhal provides professional editors that meet all users' needs and keep customers happy, through hundreds of rich features and options.

What Clients Say?

Dar Al Manhal has been our business partners in Jordan for over 20 years, advising us on the needs of the market. We are proud to work with them. Jacqueline Sabri
Country Manager – Macmillan Education, Jordan.
يسعدنا دائماً التعامل مع شركائنا في دار المنهل – عمان حيث التعامل الاحترافي والالتزام بالمواعيد وتلبية رغبة عملائنا هي ما يميز علاقتنا المشتركة. ناصر عبدالعزيز
الرئيس التنفيذي للعمليات
مكتبة جرير
"تقديراً لما قدمتموه من جهود مباركة، وإسهامات متميزة، وتعاون كريم في تنفيذ فعاليات الاحتفال الكرنفالي للأطفال ......... أتقدم منكم وأسرة دار المنهل بعظيم الشكر والامتنان على تبرعكم السخي بكمية كبيرة من إصداراتكم الخاصة بالطفل، ومثمنة ومقدرة حسن التنسيق والتواصل والمتابعة" الدكتورة لانا مامكغ
دار المنهل من أهم دور النشر العربية المختصة بانتاج المواد التربوية التعليمية للأطفال، بكفائة علمية وخبرات متقدمة، ويمتاز منتجها بالتنوع ومراعاة البيئات المختلفة للأطفال، فهي بذلك تسهم بفاعلية عاليه في تطوير التربية والتعليم في الدول العربية . كما تتفرد هذه الدار بانتاج كتب التعليم العربية لغير الناطقين بها في مجموعة من الدول الأجنبية . د. راشد عيسى
المنهل تاريخ طويل في نشر الثقافة بالمصادر المتنوعة بجودة عالية.
المنهل عالم يحتضن الطفولة والمبدعين للطفولة.
هو منصة للتعلم واللعب والمتعة للطفل. المنهل انتم لؤلؤة في عالم الطفولة.
المؤلفة: ريتا زيادة

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At Dar Al-Manhal we are always looking for the added value in potential partnerships with like –minded organizations with a commitment to quality and making a positive difference to the lives of others. We have built strong partner relationships with major companies in order to bring the right solution to the right place at the right time for the customers.

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