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كتاب براعم الرياضيات المستوى الأول

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  •  براعم الرياضيات curriculum is one of Dar Al Manhal's curriculum books offered for 4-5 year old kids. It aims to teach mathematics in an easy and simple manner, and comes in two levels  , براعم الرياضيات المستوى الأول :  and  براعم  الرياضيات المستوى الثاني.

    The book براعم الرياضيات المستوى الأول teaches lessons in mathematics through meaningful content supported by graphics and pictures, along with exercises and activities that measure the kids's mental and mathematical abilities. The book includes the basic concepts in mathematics subject which are; classification, pattern, geometrics and measurement.

    The book براعم الرياضيات المستوى الأول  presents the content in eight units,  that are graded in its subjects to suite children age and experiences, and it is linked to their environment and society (Fun fair, In the Farm, My computer...). The boo براعم الرياضيات المستوى الأول kis characterized with its integration with what they learn in Arabic language and other subjects.

    The book  براعم الرياضيات المستوى الأول includes mathematical concepts which are; classification, pattern, preparation for numbers, numbers form (0-20), addition and subtraction (within number 5(.

    The curriculum براعم الرياضيات المستوى الأول  includes in addition to the Pupil Book, a Teacher's Guide and a CD.

    Soft Cover
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  • Math
  • zeinat Al karmi
  • 2010
  • Arabic
  • 4-5 Year