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براعم العربية 2

One of the bestsellers
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Suitable for 4-6 year olds
Comes in 2 levels
Teaches the basic skills of Arabic language
About Book

The series is designed to teach children the basic skills of the Arabic language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is concerned with teaching the Arabic language through various activities, purposeful language games, useful stories, and songs. Based on the child's environment and surroundings, it is an easy-to-learn series.

تأتي سلسلة براعم العربية لتعليم الأطفال المهارات الأساسية في اللغة العربية وهي: الاستماع، والمحادثة، والقراءة، والكتابة.

Student Book

It primarily focuses on teaching reading, but is also concerned with the other skills of the language. It is considered the main book in Baraem Al Arabia series.

The material covered by the book comes in seven units including topics related to children’s life, and based on their surrounding environment. It presents the following titles: My friends, on the field, with the T.V, at the marketplace, Let’s work, rain and swimming.

Each unit starts with a scene picture of a children story to elicit and teach vocabulary. The scene pictures cover all the vocabulary presented in the lessons composing the unit.

All of the seven units teach the Arabic letters and the vowel marks (the fatha, the damma, the kasra, the sukoon, and the shadda) in an easy way that leads to mastering the skills of the language, especially the skills of joining and dividing syllables.

Activity Book

It includes a variety of exercises and activities that take into account the level of the child, and reinforce what he has learned in the first level of different language skills.

Teacher Book

The Teacher's Book offers a detailed explanation of the material with how-to-teach instructions, as well as detailed methods for teaching reading for beginners. It includes the Alphabet stories charecterized by simple vocabulary and structures from the child's environment. It also includes educational games proposed to implement the activities of the book, which develop child’s observation, concentration, and composition skills.

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