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قصة المشجع الرائع

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  • In his first visit to the park, Waleed saw the boys playing football, as well as a boy sitting on a wooden bench. Waleed sat next to the boy, his name was Diyaa. They quickly got acquainted and had a prolonged conversation as if they were friends since long time ago, then Waleed suggested they watch the game, yet in sportsmanship they cheered their teams. So far, the story has not been over yet, especially, when one of the two teams won. Diyaa has impressed his friend with something he is characterized by, the thing that led each of them having lots of feelings they did not reveal, what they could be? And why do you think Diyaa did not participate in the match?

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  • Education Stories
  • Story
  • Sana' AlKhateeb
  • 2004
  • Arabic
  • 6-8 Year