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قصة مساعدة الأصدقاء

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  • In the story   مساعدة الأصدقاءDino goes with his friends, Sato and Rita, on a trip to the forest, and spends all day eating and playing, and returned home on the evening. In the next morning, they go to school, yet they find they have an exam. Sato and Rita have not studied for the exam while Dino has studied very well, so they ask for his help. Dino does not hesitate and he has given them his paper because he likes to help others, but what is the teacher's position?

     مساعدة الأصدقاءis an expressive story of the series مغامرات دينو offered by Dar Al Manhal. It includes four short stories for children where they live an adventure with Dino, the dinosaur, and his friends

    Soft Cover
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    21 cm
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  • 2021-06-13 12:16:15
$ 5.5
  • Adventure Stories
  • Story
  • Dr. Suha Qutami
  • 2009
  • Arabic
  • 4-5 Year