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قصة لا تخرج من جلدك

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  • In this story we won't be seeing the rabbit and the turtle race as in the well known story; however, we will see them switching roles. The rabbit will wear the turtles shell and try to walk with it and hide from his enemies inside it. As for the turtle it gets board of the shell and will wear the rabbit's fur instead in order to be agile and fast! The turtle and the rabbit, with their new looks, will go through unpleasant events. The story offers beautiful values starting from its title, in addition to the meaning of cooperation and friendship. Kids will also be introduced to some animals' way of living. What will lead the turtle and the rabbit to say to everybody; don't be detached from your skin!

    Soft Cover
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    1136 cm
    810 cm
    65 Gm
$ 3.3
  • Adventure Stories
  • Story
  • Mohammed AlBalawi
  • 2005
  • Arabic
  • 9-11 Year