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قصة صوت المطر

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  • The story (صوت المطر), is a short story for kids that tells the story of the little girl, Liza, who returns with her parents to the village which is considered as a sanctuary for them, the thing that brings back some amazing memories that have drawn a smile on her small eyes. The story (صوت المطر), is one of the expressive stories for kids that reveal the feelings of longing and nostalgia for the village with the beautiful nature, tranquility, people's simple lives and the kind grandmother.

    The story (صوت المطر), is one of Dar Manhal  stories for children that comes in an social framework, with lovely distinctive graphics, and it is part of a group of the most beautiful written children's picture books we have.

    Hard Cover
    Product Dimensions and Weight
    28 cm
    25 cm
    410 Gm
$ 10
  • Social Stories
  • Story
  • Dar Almanhal
  • 2016
  • Arabic
  • 9-11 Year