Dino at the Lake story

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  • Dino is a little dinosaur that eats grass and lives in the green land of the woods, while the dinosaurs of the red earth eat meat. Dino goes with his friends to swim in the nearby red earth lake without taking his parents' permission. Suddenly, a large dinosaur from the red earth attacks them. Will Dino and his friends survive? This is what you will discover when you read the picture story, Dino At The Lake.

    Dino At The Lake is an expressive story of the series Dino's Adventures offered by Dar Al Manhal. It includes four short stories for children where they live an adventure with Dino, the dinosaur, and his friends

    Soft Cover
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    21 cm
    21 cm
    95 Gm
$ 5.5
  • English Stories
  • Story
  • Dr. Suha Qutami
  • 2009
  • English
  • 9-11 Year