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قصة إلى اللقاء

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  • The storyإلى اللقاء   tells the story of the young child Jad, who feels so sad because Sarah's family moved out from the street where he lived in before he says goodbye to Sarah. When Jad opens the door of the house, he finds Sarah's rabbit lonely, so he decides to look for Sarah, find her, say goodbye and give her rabbit back, will he find her?

    The story إلى اللقاء  is one of Dar Al Manhal's kids illustrated stories which are part of the story seriesرياح الصين  which consists 10 different kids stories that focus on beautiful meanings. The series رياح الصين includes kids' social stories that present some difficult situations the story characters deal with courageously, and that teach children the meaning of cooperation and friendship.

    Hard Cover
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    21.5 cm
    29 cm
    405 Gm
$ 10
  • Social Stories
  • Story
  • Bou Dong Ti
  • 2017
  • Arabic
  • 9-11 Year