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قصة دمية الصلصال

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  • Salem is a skilful potter who makes beautiful dolls from clay. He makes two similar dolls, and coats them with a shiny glaze layer and puts one of them in the oven, then goes to sleep, but he sees it in his dream shouting and crying. He asks for her patience until it becomes a beautiful doll, but it cannot wait. So, he wakes up and gets it out. As for the other doll...To know more read دمية الصلصال  story.

    دمية الصلصالstory comes within القراءة الممتعة  series, offered by Dar Al Manhal for kids. It includes four meaningful stories for kids offered with distinctive graphics that suite kids' age stage. Each story includes instructions for educators on how to deal with the kids, it also includes fun activities that measure kids' comprehension for the story.

    Soft Cover
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    24 cm
    22 cm
    160 Gm
$ 6.05
  • Education Stories
  • Story
  • XACT
  • 2012
  • Arabic
  • 9-11 Year