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كتاب براعم العربية 02

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  • العربية  curriculum is one of Dar Al Manhal's curriculum books offered for 5-6 year old children. It comes in three booksبراعم العربية المستوى الأول  , براعم العربية المستوى  الثاني and براعم العربية المستوى الثاني التمارين والأنشطة  .

    The book  براعم العربية المستوى الثاني aims to teach kids basics of Arabic language through seven units. Each unit teaches a four basic Arabic letters, in addition to teaching some diacritics and so on.

    The book  براعم العربية المستوى الثاني also deliberately singled out an in depended lesson for teaching Al-Hamzah, and another lesson to teach Al-Alef Al-Maqsourah, in addition to singling out independent lessons for: Al-ta’a Al Marbootah, Al- Ha'a Al-Mutatarefah, Al Attareef, Tanween Al- Fath, Tanween Addam, and  Tanween  Al-Kasr.

    The book براعم العربية المستوى الثاني  we did not follow the alphabetical order of the Arabic letters (أ، ب، ت، ث، ج...),  yet we decided to put the Arabic letters in an order that is based on easiness and commonness which facilitates on both learning and teaching Arabic language

    The book براعم العربية المستوى الثاني  is characterised by choosing its subjects from children real life and environment, like (My friends, In the Farm, With TV, Lets work...) Each unit of the book includes a beautiful song and a story with distinguished graphics that develops kids speaking skills and stimulates their imagination

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  • Arabic
  • Zeinat AlKarmi Dr.Abdullah AlKhabbas
  • 2010
  • Arabic
  • 4-5 Year