Do you have a personal interest in children’s literature? Are you an author who is looking for a website to quickly and effortlessly launch your book? With Dar Al-Manhal, you've got the solution!

Dar Al-Manhal provides distinctive solutions which are powerful, helpful and useful for all, such as authors, publishers, schools, and even families.

Dar Al-Manhal where are more opportunities and a wider array of options than ever before!

Our services include:

We enable teachers to enrich the educational process with interactive and educational contents for all students at all levels. They can add questions and exercises as part of the E-book. In addition to, Dar Al-Manhal platform enable students to enter the E-learning world through what we offer from applications, educational games, and digital contents.


We offer a wide variety of stories and books that suit children of any age group, which makes our website a complete and integrated library for them and their families. All content is controlled and censored so there is no fear to contain any material that is not suitable for your children.


Publishing books or stories and delivering them to a large number of people is the main goal of the publishers, and as a publisher, Dar Al-Manhal is the most appropriate place to publish your work online. Let users come to you rather than going to them, all you need is just publishing on our store so thousands of users will visit our store every day and reach you easily.


Stories and books contain a large number of images, colors, and tools, etc… therefore; writing and making them require a lot of time and effort. Dar Al-Manhal offers authors all what they need; our intuitive editors enable any user to become an author and allow him to make his own professional book without the need for any technical knowledge.


Dar Al-Manhal App is an incredible application that is running on tablets and smart phones with Android and IOS operating systems. Its complement to the main platform, so that any user can buy any product from Dar Al-Manhal store and has the ability to browse it on his smart device. Also he can browse the store, buy and browse it all by this application.

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